The fast and easy way to guide your deskless teams

  • Package your best practices into mobile quick guides – maximise learning with bite-sized video instructions
  • Share guidance where and when people need it – reach your colleagues or partners just in time
  • Continuously improve your guidance and workflow
  • Long-term side effects of Cleverday include: increased employee engagement, reduced errors, happier customers and more business

The more changes and the tighter deadlines you have, the better Cleverday works for you!

cleverday work instructions

Get things done. Faster. Together.

With Cleverday app you and your team members can build step-by-step “how-to” instructions in minutes and share them in seconds. Our advanced analytics tool helps you to measure staff response and behaviour, learn what works and what does not and lead people to do their jobs effectively with data-driven insights.

With Cleverday platform it is easier than ever to have time-critical and deadline-based work tasks completed on time. You can achieve all this with Cleverday.

It's the most powerful tool to support deskless work just-in-time and increase productivity and reliability!

Check out the video and see how you can get things done in no time with the help of Cleverday app.

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How to build instructions with Cleverday

cleverday creating text steps

Create step-by-step checklists

Breaking work processes and tasks into checklists ensures that the frontline staff will achieve the best possible results. The same instructions can be used at any location or localised if realities vary.

Make things more clear with recorded audio

Audio supports written checklists and photos, and adds accessibility. Add a podcast to your guide, for an in-depth listening experience! Record warning signals or other sounds.

cleverday app audio instructions
cleverday app image instructions

A photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million

Make complex things understandable. To see is to learn – this is true for most of us. Photos and videos make the instructions complete and help to identify in particular critical phases or details quickly.

What can Cleverday guides be used for?

How to be SAfe

Safety regulations and safety practices should always be at hand! Raise awareness about safety protocols and create accessible safety materials for all your workers. Having safety materials at hand helps recover from emergencies faster, and most importantly helps to stop accidents in the first place!

Getting started

Want to share guidance on new equipment, induct new employees, or describe the selling points of a new product for the field? Transform dusty manuals to mobile quick guides in minutes! With quick guides, you can share information in small and easy to grasp steps. Create content that is as handy as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – or even TikTok!


Cleverday work instructions on iphone

Product placement and campaigns

How your product is actually showcased in stores is vital to its success. You may even have really specific guidelines in place for that. But how can you be sure they are understood and followed correctly? Adding videos and requesting picture feedback of the end result, guarantees they know what to do, and you know exactly how your product is being sold.

Site and project specific guidance

Quick guides are brilliant for different kinds of maintenance and installation projects, where anyone might forget a small, but critical step. Variation between sites can cause confusion, easily avoided with a bit of timely knowhow. Checklists make sure that all steps are always noted and completed, too!

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Is this a clever choice for me?

Do your employees and partners operate outside the comfort of an office and away from desks? Do they face unexpected issues or lack of knowledge while working on the time-critical tasks?

Then yes, Cleverday as just-in-time work guidance app is a clever choice for you.